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New generation of the
remote monitoring of temperature
and humidity
is here.
STE2 represents a new generation of devices for remote monitoring of heat and humidity using external sensors. In combination with optional accessories, it can also detect smoke, movements or flooding. The device, which has little or no competition in this version, can be connected to the internet through a standard cable or via a Wifi interface. When the permitted range of values are exceeded, an alarm message is immediately sent to you by email, SMS (HWg-SMS-GW3) or via the SensDesk online portal.
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Digital input
  • SNMP
  • TLS
  • PoE
  • Web Server
  • HWg Push

Simple installation

STE 2 uses DHCP which makes installation simple. Simply take it out of the box, connect it to your network and you're ready to go!

  • Air conditioning breakdown

    A change in temperature alerts you to a breakdown in the A/C unit.

  • Heating optimisation

    Cost savings in heating and air conditioning

  • HVAC monitoring

    Remote monitoring of HVAC, alerts sent by email or SMS (e-mail-2-SMS/HWg-SMS-GW3).

  • HWg-PDMS

    HWg-PDMS software easily exports temperature records in graph-form in one or several locations. You can also control environmental parameters.

  • Monitoring your refrigerator or freezer

    Alerts sent by email or SMS (e-mail-2-SMS/HWg-SMS-GW3) if the temperature falls.

  • Food storage

    Oversees optimal storage conditions. Application software can create reports for HACCP.

You will have a complete overview

HWg-PDMS software is provided free-of-charge with the STE 2 device, allowing you to transfer the measured values into graph form and to export data to MS Excel. You can easily create comprehensible reports with graphical representations of temperature in one or a number of locations. When communicating with other devices, the STE 2 device uses the following communication protocols: SNMP, XML, HWg-Push.

Complete overview options


Choose what you want to monitor

Are you only interested in the temperature and humidity, or do you need to know something else? Up to three different temperature and humidity sensors can be attached to the device. Digital inputs for (potential-free) monitoring door openings, IR sensors or any dry contacts. You can also monitor door opening or movements in a particular room.

What you want to monitor?



Software supported

  • 1.


    Redirects alarms via SMS
    Pop-up, PC shutdown

  • 2.


    Logging, graphs, export to MS Excel

  • 3.

    3rd party software

    Supports most monitoring software via SNMP and API



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